Wheel-throwing Trial Course

Wheel throwing has a long history in Japan and is ideal for making symmetrical works efficiently.

Class 1: Forming

Our instructors will guide you through Japanese wheel-throwing techniques. Our wheel-throwing classes cover forming techniques for basic tableware such as cups, small plates, small vases and bowls.


Class 2: Trimming

If you want some hands on experience on the entire pottery making process, we recommend you to take the trial trimming class. Trimming is a crucial step in making light-weight and streamlined forms from works made on the potter’s wheel as the excess clay at the base of works make it heavy and irregular. Attaching handles or other forms to the works is also done at the trimming stage. For example, handles are attached to cups and handles and spouts of teapots are attached at the trimming stage.


Class 3: Painting

We have a wide range of underglaze colors and glazes you can apply to your works once it has been bisque-fired. Our instructors will guide you through Japanese glazing techniques and also help with the technical aspects of glazing and painting.